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Your Secret Superpowers
Courage Life Talk w/ Alexandra Joy Smith
In this talk, you will explore and discover that we have Superpowers within our reach that we don't even recognize as Superpowers. As human beings, our ability to look at ourselves, to think about what we actually think about, to forgive, to appreciate, to give our energy towards something, to speak our truth and more... are all actually unique to the human experience. The more we recognize what we take for granted as just part of who we are, and actually take the time cultivate those characteristics, the more empowered we can become!


No equipment needed

At a glance

This LifeTalk takes you through some of your top Superpowers that when leveraged leave you empowered!


Awesome wisdom -thank you for sharing!
Laura W.
Hola- I hadn’t heard this one! Thank you my friend! 😘
Janet H.
Love this talk about empowering yourself.
Jenn J.
Love how you broke down to simple 10 ways and explained with your practical way to practice day to day and moment to moment. What I loved the most out of 10 is 9 - be fully present with wonders of existence which is all about having the open mind to the universe and offerings with curiosity and fascination and excitement for life itself. Thank you so much again for the boost of motivation and energy. Means a lot.
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Thank you Jenn! You are truly a woman accessing her Super Powers!