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Dane Robinson

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It's time to move, time to groove, and time get FHIIT!
Functional High Intensity Interval training is the name of the game when you move with me.

With 4 diverse formats to impact your body for your goals and massive amounts of energy for your day, you will end your session sweaty, smiling, and possibly ready for a margarita :)

Classic FHIIT, is all about how we match compound strength movements to build muscle with cardio bouts to burn fat.

FIRE FHIIT, we keep it just with bodywei... View More


  • NASM-Performance Enhancement Specialist

Reviews 90%

Sweaty & Sculpted: Classic FHIIT

3/19/20 Elyssa S.

"Awesome workout - quick, sweaty and efficient! Great way to start the day!"

Quick & Dirty: Classic FHIIT

3/18/20 Elyssa S.

"Great! Short and sweaty!"

Core Right Core Tight: Core FHIIT

3/10/20 Erin L.

"The second series movements with the dumbbell were confusing. Please elaborate"

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