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What movers are loving about David's classes

Tiff M.


Energize and Strengthen

"Fantastic pacing and great energy without being too jarring to a sleepy Mover. Thanks for the empowering start to my day!"

Alexis s.


Pure Relaxation

"I loved it really helped me relax"

Nancy M.


Salute the Sun

"Great way to start the day - good flows and stretching - love the cues in down dog and meditation at end"

Reine S.


Release Overwhelm

"Fantastic class with strengthening, stretching & ends with a wonderful guided meditation! As always David is the best."

Katja V.


Morning Flow

"i am dripping sweat which i didn’t think would happen in twenty minutes...and i feel amazing and ready for my day :-)"

Michele H.


Morning Flow

"Calming yet energizing in morning. Love David's relaxed voice and style, and the end with a small grain of sand intention for the day."

Amy N.


Hip Opening Express

"Fantastic coaching and cues!"

Jenn M.


Standing Strength Yoga

"Such a great class David! Greetings from Phoenix"

Laura L.


Morning Flow

"I️ loves your east coast accent with awesome yoga movement. Definitely got me moving! Shoulders feel great!"

Pamela G.


Hip Opening Express

"Loved it. Very mindful and feel stretched."

Grace G.


Hip Opening Express

"Great!!! Timing and warming up"

Tanya L.


Pure Relaxation

"Helped me feel relaxed from a very long day and did it at home!"

Christeen H.


Pure Relaxation

"I was able to meditate so well! Very well instructed. ☺️"

Ana A.


Hip Opening Express

"Love David’s classes"

Morgan E.


Hip Opening Express

"This was amazing."

Anna S.


Pure Relaxation

"I loved listening to David's voice"

sylina n.


Morning Rise Yoga

"Lovely. Just what I need upon waking."

Jodi L.


Morning Rise Yoga

"Great stretch great morning wake up! Thank you!"

About David

David is an influencial instructor in the Boston Yoga community. Having founded the PranaYayu Yoga style in 2001, David strives to create a fun, light-hearted, and supportive environment where students can feel free to explore their potential in a fun and supported way. ... more

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