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Deborah Burkman

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What movers are loving about Deborah's classes

Andrea K.


Morning Flow

"Always nice practicing with Deb!"

Tara Lyn E.


Side Bending Yoga

"So good!!!!! Thank you!"

Stellah D.


Flow to Give

"Good class, feels more like an intermediate rather than an advanced set of poses"

Morgan C.


Gentle Back Care

"Gentle yet firm. Great for a super sore morning where everything is stiff."

Karin L.


Morning Flow

"❤️❤️❤️ you Deb! Namaste KLO"

Bex M.


Gentle Back Care

"Lovely, supported, great way to wake up"

Jess L.


Strengthen Your Hamstrings

"Great class! Thanks!"

Jenn M.


Balanced Flow

"Such a great class thank you!"

Rachel H.


Go to Sleep

"Felt relaxed and warm from head to toe. Thank you!"

Hannah H.


Your First Breath

"Super relaxing right before bed!!"

Andrea K.


Morning Flow

"Great teacher. Perfect amount of time"

Makayla S.


Go to Sleep

"It made me feel totally relaxed and my mind, completely turned off."

Mary M.


Go to Sleep

"I’m in such a relaxed state of mind and am falling asleep as I write. "

Brett L.


Go to Sleep

"Relaxing, soft voice that let my eyes feel heavy and my body feel relaxed slowly"

Ashley C.


Go to Sleep

"I didn’t even finish the class awake!"

mattea n.


Go to Sleep

"I fell a sleep so fast!! I am a insomniac and this put me right to sleep.😴"

Abbey F.


Shoulder Opening

"Nice shoulder focus"

sylina n.


Go to Sleep

"A quick and relaxing way to unwind for sleep."

Michele H.


Flow to Give

"Deb is an amazing instructor in person and equals that here via audio. Her cues and adjustments are spot on and her pacing is excellent. Almost like in person class with Deb although of course without her sparkling in person presence :). I'll take it! Thanks, Deb!!"

Gloria Q.


Your First Breath

"It made me very aware of how anxious I am and how shallow iam breathing!!"

Karin L.


Core Focused Yoga

"Love love love I can practice with Deb in San Diego! Best yoga instructor ever!!! Namaste karin"

Karin L.


Your First Breath

"Awesome meditation session Deb. Very approachable and doable with my thinking mind...Namaste"

Catherine H.


Shoulder Opening

"Great stretch and wind down from the day"

About Deborah

Deborah Burkman has been teaching yoga since 2000 in the San Francisco Bay Area and leads retreats and workshops throughout the world. She teaches Vinyasa Yoga, which is greatly influenced by the Ashtanga system. She works with students who are at all levels and has pre... more

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