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What movers are loving about Duncan's classes

Diana M.


60-40-20 Rowing Stroke Sizzler

"Love the playlist and the cues throughout- miss the in person but that voice makes it feel like he’s right next to you rowing along with you!"

Eunice l.


Warm-up for Strength Training

"Perfect for a pre body sculpt class"

Eunice l.


Threshold Burner

"Loved this"

Meliza W.


Rowing: HIIT & Core

"Thumbs up always!"

Meliza W.


60-40-20 Rowing Stroke Sizzler

"This was intense and quick!"

Meliza W.


Rowing: HIIT & Core

"Just what I needed!"

Meliza W.


Rowing: HIIT & Core

"This was an amazing workout. Great to do especially if you’re in a hurry. Gets every body part! I’m sooo happy I did this today!"

David D.


Rowing: HIIT & Core

"Super workout!"

Cynthia W.


Base Training

"I never knew there was so much to think about when rowing. I have only tried it a couple of times before though. I loved it. He did a really great job because it didn’t feel too hard at all!"

Jeffrey F.


Base Training

"Excellent instruction and motivation."

Mike L.


Cook & Chisel

"Tough but great class. Will kick your butt in a good way."

erin S.


Rowing: HIIT & Core

"Duncan rocks!"

mike k.


Base Training

"As a former collegiate rower I found this to be a perfect workout to get me back on the erg. Great coaching through the pieces."

Morgan E.


Killer Row HIIT

"Love the motivation and background music!"

hilah s.


Warm-up for Strength Training

"Loved it! Cues were spot on. Have been rowing with crossfit for a long time and have never really focused on stokes/minute. Really loved this! Very warm and ready for workout!"

Holly S.


Killer Row HIIT

"Good quick workout. Kept me much more motivated rowing. 13 minutes went by before I knew it. Duncan is that steady voice that keeps you pushing."

Diana M.


Cook & Chisel

"Loved the coaching throughout and reminders to check form and breathing- easy to get caught up in all the other parts of the stroke and forget to breathe...!"

Gaby M.


Warm-up Row

"This is great! Just like Duncan's class!"

Tyler R.


Killer Row HIIT

"Loved it! Makes you push yourself and it's good for wrapping up a lift with high intensity cardio"

Noam A.


Killer Row HIIT

"Wow legs really in pain and I worked up a sweat! Also I think I nailed rowing form for the first time. Woo!"

About Duncan

Duncan Kennedy is a former elite rower (and national champion) and founder of the first commercial indoor rowing classes on the West Coast. As an established rowing coach in the industry for over 17 years, Duncan leads his clients to successful outcomes through smart an... more

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