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Enrique Julia

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Enrique Julia is a personal trainer, run coach and group fitness instructor in the Bay Area. As an ultramarathoner and athlete, Enrique believes in the power of exercise being more than just a workout. While training doesn't come easy, taking time and discipline, the rewards are far greater than the effort put in.


  • Indoor Cycling Group (ICG) Indoor Cycling Certification
  • Mad Dog Indoor Cycling Certification
  • TRX Coach
  • CPR / AED

Reviews 100%

Push Your Limits

8/11/18 Elise M.

"Thank you"

Return To Running After An Injury

7/15/18 Pei-Yee S.

"Thank you! Am returning from an injury and was so happy to see this workout!"

Building Up

6/20/18 Oksana M.

"Woohoo! Thanks for the coaching Enrique"

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