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Enrique Julia

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A professional actor in a previous life, Enrique brings incredible enthusiasm and energy to all of his classes. He knows exactly how to motivate through the toughest pushes and makes you feel like he's sweating right beside you.
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Enrique's motivating voice will guide you and a kick-ass playlist will energize you.
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Most popular classes

What movers are loving about Enrique's classes

Oksana M.


Building Up

"Woohoo! Thanks for the coaching Enrique"

Pippa S.


Build Your Base

"Love you! Thanks for not being stressful"

Elyssa S.


Race Pace Run

"Thanks for another great run, Enrique!"

Elise M.


Two Climb Special

"Great class as usual!"

Glenda M.


Build your Threshold Run

"That was fun!"

Genevieve l.


Your Go-To Run

"My first coached run was terrific. Way to kill the boredom factor I’m usually faced with when jogging solo! Thx!"

Becky K.


Climb the Pyramid

"Nice encouraging instruction!"

Kristen L.


Taper Time

"He is amazing and so motivational. Thank you for all of your support!!"

Robert K.


Out & Back

"Music was great!"

Elise M.


Climb the Pyramid

"Great instructor and hard class!"

Ashley h.


Climb the Pyramid

"Love the burn😂❤️"

r k.


Build your Endurance

"Great class!! Thank you for pushing me!!"

Katie B.


Your Go-To Run

"Amazing like he was right there beside me, knowing what I was feeling."

Brigette T.


Choose Your Pace

"Loved the motivation. I’m not a good runner and that’s my biggest defeat when I run. The whole time during this class I felt good about myself and the run I was accomplishing."

Michele H.


Conquer the Peak

"I love this class! It feels like I just get started and then it’s done. Time evaporates! It’s awesome! Enrique has the perfect commentary to keep me focused and in the moment for the entire 43 minutes."

Pei-Yee S.


Speed Super Set

"That was an awesome and challenging speed workout. Haven’t felt that pushed in a while during speed workouts, so thank you!!!"

Brenna O.


Choose Your Pace

"This is my first MoveWith course, and I really appreciated how informed i felt during the class and how motivating the instructor was."

Bianca E.


Your Go-To Run

"Enrique Julia challenged me and pushed me when wanting to give up"

Tricia C.


Quick & Fast

"SO good! Thank you Enrique for making me push myself with a giant grin on my face. Felt like you were running beside me 😊🤗🎉🏃‍♀️👍"

Mira F.


Return To Running After An Injury

"I have chronic knee paid and have been in PT for a few years now. Recently, I have started to get back to the gym and power through my injury. I’ve found it hard to find motivation to challenge myself, but your workout helped me push myself and feel good about myself. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to do this workout again tomorrow!!"

Katherine N.


Speed Pyramid

"Enrique - your workouts are amazing. Extremely effective and you motivate me to continue my dates with the treadmill. I struggle a lot with how mentally challenging running is for me. Thank you for strengthening my mind in addition to my heart and muscles."

Rose B.


Your Go-To Run

"Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for! Love this app! "

Quenia G.


Find Your Pace

"Talking about running and interesting facts"

Jenn U.


Your Go-To Run

"Good coaching through the tempo changes! Awesome workout for runners at all levels"

Maggie w.


Run Walk Method

"So good. Love the pain vs discomfort idea. Super helpful"

Catherine T.


Start to Run

"I liked how he tried to get you to think more about the mental aspect than the physical"

Darby B.


Build your Endurance

"Loved the way I was encouraged to listen to my body, but push myself! I felt capable of everything we were doing:)"

Nicole H.


Your Go-To Run

"Veeeery self challenging! The instructor was so encouraging and informative, seemed to know exactly when to help me up my game. I would describe this workout as very "you against you" and I'll be repeating for sure! Thank you so much!!!"

Melissa M.


Strong Stamina

"It was super awesome! I really enjoyed the constant encouragement and energy from the coach! It's my first class and it was way above my fitness level but I did my best. I haven't done sprints in years, but I usually do a 12 mile minute speed for 5 miles. So it was different. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Elyssa S.


Taper Time

"Thanks, Enrique!!! This was a great last run before the big one! I've loved the training and all of your tips and inspiration, so thank you :)"

Amanda H.


Choose Your Pace

"I might just start seeing myself as a runner. I really enjoyed Enrique's coaching. Will try this again! 😀"

Anna J.


Your Go-To Run

"Very encouraging which pushed me to run longer and stronger than my typical workout"

Sara W.


Base Effort Speed

"awesome music, great variety of speeds"

Lauren B.


Find Your Base

"Encouragement helped me to keep moving at a good pace, steady increases in music BPMs with instructed pace increase was spot on."

Elyssa S.


Strong Stamina

"So inspired for this half marathon training!"

Alessandra M.


Find Your Pace

"Loved having the coach aspect the whole way through - reminded me of track on high school. Very motivating"

Stephanie S.


Your Go-To Run

"Absolutely LOVED this class!!! Such a fun run!"

Melisa S.


Your Go-To Run

"Wow! What a unique experience. This was my first running MoveWith session. I felt like I was back with my coach in high school track. Enrique really helped push me in a way that I haven't pushed myself in an outdoor run in a long time. I've missed that guidance and motivation. Looking forward to checking out more of his classes! :)"

About Enrique

Enrique Julia is a personal trainer, run coach and group fitness instructor in the Bay Area. As an ultramarathoner and athlete, Enrique believes in the power of exercise being more than just a workout. While training doesn't come easy, taking time and discipline, the rew... more

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