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Garrett Wood

14,870 Moves · 4,065 Followers


Garrett Wood is an established personal trainer, fitness instructor, and fat loss coach. She's a Boston-based Barry's Bootcamp instructor and the founder of Crossroads of Fitness. Having learned from her own experiences in the fitness world as a competitive powerlifter, Garrett seeks to motivate and inspire athletes to "Dare to Move" and learn what they are truly capable of.

Reviews 98%

Long Haul 5

8/9/20 Corrine B.

"Killer! Love it. Not there yet..."

Slopes Strength: Core

8/4/20 J H.

"I’ll dare to move after I recover from this tough workout"

Leg Blitz, Your Way!

7/30/20 Jannine v.

"It was really great! You mentioned video of the clamshell pop up, but oops this workout is not video enabled."

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