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Ingrid Clay

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Ingrid is a sculptor! She specializes in sculpting the bodying especially the booty. She knows how to get results and transform bodies. She focuses on Weight Training, Leg/Butt Routines, and Meal Planning & Prepping.

Ingrid has always been immersed in both the Fitness and Nutrition worlds. Having started cooking classes at the age of 6 combined with a long standing career in Track and Fields, she is a competitive body-builder and Plant-Based Chef.

Her Motto: “Start Where you’re At!”


  • National Bodybuilding Qualifier In Figure and Bikini
  • NASM

Reviews 96%

Full Body Assault

2/15/19 Jenn J.

"Counting is too fast. Too much “you are gonna” please be more direct with cues."

Tri & Bi Shred

2/13/19 Tina D.

"No rest periods. Need to alternate between bis and tris instead of back to back. Or just a superset of one and then the other."

Full Body Assault

2/5/19 sara r.

"I may have sold my pants, but I made it"

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