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Jane Austin

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Having been in the birthing community since 1990, Jane Austin is a San Francisco-based yoga instructor with a specilization in prenatal and postnatal yoga. Outside of her online offerings, Jane is an established yoga teacher who leads trainings in prenatal and postnatal yoga all throughout the Bay Area.


  • E-RYT 500
  • RPYT
  • RPYS

Reviews 93%

Yoga for Busy Moms 2

11/11/19 Alison K.

"Would prefer to be able to see the poses as fairly new to yoga, so found it hard to follow along"

Mini Sun Saluations

11/10/19 Meredith S.

"This was really helpful! It taught me how to modify a sun salutation and why in the months after giving birth."

Energized Standing

11/8/19 Meghan E.

"What a lovely 15 minutes. Thank you, Jane!"

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