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Janet Stone

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As a global yoga warrior and servant to the breath, Janet is a student of this heart journey. She is based in San Francisco and lends a wealth of knowledge and yoga experience to create a unique, vigorous approach to Vinyasa yoga.

Reviews 100%

Renewal Flow

2/27/19 Lisako B.

"Janet is always a 5 star experience. Whether on MoveWith or in person. ❤️"

Regain your Center

2/22/19 Cambria M.

"So happy your on this app. Have taken your class in San Francisco and since moving to New York was missing it. Thank you for opening up an opportunity for me to reconnect to my practice with a familiar guide"

Replenish Slow Flow

2/10/19 Mia R.

"Lovely restoring practice to unwind and drop back into the body."

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