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Jeff McMullen

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MANTRA: Decide / Commit / Inspire / Succeed. Within this paradigm, there is something for EVERYONE. Fitness has no boundaries or barriers and TOGETHER we work towards OUR Goals and Aspirations. No workout is the same or should be! Set an intention and purpose in this workout, at this minute.


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Reviews 97%

Belt It Out

2/29/20 Steven R.

"Thank you for calculating time!"

Belt It Out

2/7/20 Erin L.

"Best class yet. Technical and a soothing voice."

Drill Bits Upper Body

8/20/19 Gina M.

"It was a decent workout but I’m not a fan of the calorie burning as motivation. I work out to get stronger, not to worry about tracking every calorie consumed and spent. I know this is what a lot of people prefer but it’s just not my cup of tea."

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