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Powerful, playful, peaceful. That's Jeremy. He knows how to relate to you, ground you, and guide you, even when he can't see you.

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Break Old Patterns
16 Classes

What movers are loving about Jeremy's classes

Garrett W.


Manifest Anything

"Was moved to tears! ❤️"

Garrett W.


High on Your Own Supply

"So interesting that buzz is real!!! Thank you!!"

Stephanie W.


A Magical Morning

"Really did wake my body and mind and became alert after being groggy"

Ben K.


A Magical Morning

"Love this! It is so effective. Need more meditations and breathing exercises from Jeremy Falk"

Taylor H.


Lucid Dreams

"Something about his voice makes it so easy to get into the zone."

Ben K.


A Magical Morning

"Thanks, that was awesome and so different than my usual breathing and energizing."

Laura M.


Calm in the Chaos

"I can’t believe how balancing that was, wow!! I will certainly be keeping this class in the regular rotation!!"

Bex M.


Morning Magic

"Wow,, loved the physical, mental, and emotional aspects."

Maya H.


Morning Magic

"I love his voice!"

Jasmin E.


Morning Magic

"Very peaceful and refreshed I feel to start my day thank you."

Allison R.


De-Stress & Refresh

"Wow I’m so glad I did this this is awesome"

Mike L.


More from Life

"Helps really tune into the breath and get more fine grained in attention and concentration. Also adds pleasure to becoming mindful of the breath."

Laura M.


Invocation of the Ancestors

"LOVE this!! In Hawaiian culture those that have come before you are “kapuna”. This meditation reminds me of the prayers of thanks offered in Hawaiian churches for the love and guidance of the kapuna. Thanks for bringing back some beautiful memories!!"

Taylor H.


Manifest Anything

"When he suggests visualizing that thing that we want, but in a slightly different way, it made My visualization more real than ever."

Tessa D.


De-Stress & Refresh

"Thuis was awesome! I’m totally relaxed now. And I got a little bit emotional when I was half way."

Natashia H.


De-Stress & Refresh

"My session was great! I noticed how I started to change shift when breathing after trying the technique."

Stefania P.


De-Stress & Refresh

"I feel so energized after this session. I liked the Instructor’s calming voice and the music that kicked in at the end. Who knew just breathing could make you feel like a whole new person! Can’t wait for more!"

Julie A.


Nirvana: Finding Your Happy Place

"Beautiful guidance. Loved the simple messages to keep being present to richness, dig in. And song at the end 🙌🏼💕"

Morgan E.


Morning Magic

"Every thing about this meditation was amazing. My favorite so far in this app!"

Star C.


De-Stress & Refresh

"Helped with my anxiety attack thy was coming on. Thank you."

Christine K.


Morning Magic

"Ahhh another amazing meditation by Jeremy. Really liked the added audio and the Kundalini-style element. Overall great meditation with beautiful intention. Thank you."

Nicole N.


Restore & Renew

"wow that was the first time i ever meditated calmly for that long a period! thank you!"

bob p.


Manifest Anything

"I like how Jeremy taught us to count while breathing in and out and imagine the process and feeling of experiencing our goal"

Nancy R.


Manifest Anything

"Soooooo awesome. Great way to reset for my next meeting."

About Jeremy

Jeremy Falk is an establised yoga and meditation teacher. After a life changing experience studying yoga in India, Jeremy now lives in San Francisco and focuses on embracing movement as a way to push back our perceived limitations and explore what's possible in our lives.

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