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JohnBlaze Kolinsky-Young

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JohnBlaze Kolinsky-Young is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and coach dedicated to helping others uncover the limitless possibilities that exist in life. He is obsessed with creating experiences that connect his clients to their bodies, inspiring people to live in abundance and uncover their purpose.


  • 200 Hr teacher training

Reviews 90%

Master Your Life: Possibility & Responsibility

5/25/19 Janet H.

"Fantastic life talk. Thank you."

Master Your Life: Choice Mantra

5/15/19 Traci G.

"I could feel his love and concern for the well-being of others. Neat guy! And I do feel better after doing this mantra. I’ve never done that before but have been reading a Book by Joseph Murphy called the power of the subconscious mind (an oldie but goodie) and this exercise is such a great tool to apply what I’m learning. Really Neat!. I’m glad I found it and John!"

DJ Beats & Yoga Heat

12/17/18 Shari M.

"The music cues just didn’t line up. I think this sequence was recorded a while ago but I definitely got music that’s been released in the last couple of months. I also didn’t feel like I was always sure of what i was supposed to be doing, and some of the flow was very fast."

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