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What movers are loving about Kilty's classes

Heather K.


Happy Hippie Vinyasa

"Love the standing split sequence."

Kaytee C.


Energizing Salutations

"That at work was tricky! But definitely has me feeling centered for the day"

Jason C.


Slow Down for Sleep 4

"Calming, peaceful, great job!"

Jason C.


Start the Day

"Perfect way to start the morning. Loved the positive affirmations at the end."

Cristina A.


Start the Day

"Very relaxing. Never had a moment of meditation. I will be starting my day off with this every morning. Thank you!"

Allie G.


Straight Up Salutations

"Feels just like home ❤️ Great class"

Lauren G.


Full Body Flow

"Loved her pace and cadence and the challenges she added in as she built on the poses"

Christina D.


Energizing Salutations

"Crow on my back? Challenging in an awesome way!"

Tiff M.


Slow Down for Sleep

"Soothing and wonderful— exactly the practice I needed to stretch my aching muscles and settle down for sleep. Thank you, Kilty!"

Oksana M.


Energizing Salutations

"This was a perfect way to start the day! Thank you Kilty :)"

Nicole D.


Slow Down for Sleep

"Kilty!! I’ve missed your classes so much. Discovering this app and your classes couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I needed this!"

Alexis s.


My Morning Affirmations

"I absolutely loved this! So very inspirational and also all the affirmations spoke to me thank you"

Maya M.


Step Away From Your Desk

"You can do this anywhere ! No mat needed. I used as cool down after a shorter leg day workout"

MaryKatherine H.


My Morning Affirmations

"this has become my everyday morning ritual."

MaryKatherine H.


My Morning Affirmations

"love this one."

Taylor B.


Slow Down for Sleep 2

"Very calming"

MaryKatherine H.


My Morning Affirmations

"simple and quick reminders. perfect for someone in a time crunch. to refocus and reset."

Leslie P.


Slow Down for Sleep

"Love the soft calm of the coaches voice and was very easy to follow."

Wendy T.


Slow Down for Sleep

"Generated a genuine sense of calmness and peace. Thank you!"

Michelle C.


Shoulder Awareness Flow

"Kilty is great! I like her mix of clear directives and theory with meditative reflections. Loved the repeated flows, it felt good to get deeper stronger in each pose as you go on, plus having the space in the flow to do you. My shoulders and upper back have been killing me lately this felt great 😁"

Christina D.


Shoulder Awareness Flow

"Sweet, sweaty yoga. Thanks, Kilty!!!"

Kyla S.


Mountain Visualization

"How do you make me feel so great?!?!"

Stephanie W.


Fall Asleep Easy


Michelle C.


Slow Down for Sleep

"Just the right amount of time to wind down, loved the focus on how the body feels vs alignment and mindfulness at the end :-)"

Emily G.


Slow Down Hips

"I loved the pace of your class, and the mindfulness you encouraged in us while we practiced. Thank you!"

Katja V.


Slow Down, Be Present

"This is the PERFECT bedtime yoga routine i’ve been searching for. I tried a few others and was never quite satisfied until now. It’s the ideal blending of relaxation, deep stretching, and enough exercise to clear my mind but not enough to break a sweat. Also, Kilty’s voice is incredibly soothing. This is my new go-to!"

Tricia C.


Slow Down Hips

"Omg that was amazing. ❤️❤️❤️🎉👏😊. Best hips sequence I’ve ever done. And I now have such a soul crush. So much wisdom and presence in that voice! Thank you!!!"

Brandi B.


Slow Down, Be Present

"I’ve never taken a yoga class before and it was really easy to follow along. Very relaxing"

Eliana L.


Good Morning Sunshine

"It made me feel very calm and awake all happy thoughts it was beautiful"

liv D.


Good Morning Sunshine

"Woke me up and left me really relaxed and ready for the day x"

Marie I.


Happy Hippie Vinyasa

"I feel like Kilty is in front of class leading this flow...thoughtfully and with clear instructions"

Nicole N.


Happy Hippie Vinyasa

"Love the positive msg about taking care of yourself. :)"

Christine K.


Good Morning Sunshine

"This is definitely 5 minutes I'd love to incorporate every morning no matter what! Instantly energized me and gave me feelings of kindness and well-being."

About Kilty

UCLA engineer turned yoga teacher, Kilty Inafuku is an established instructor based in Hawaii. She strongly believes what you do on the mat is practice for what you do off the mat, and motivates her students to connect with their deepest self.

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