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What movers are loving about Lindsey's classes

tiffany s.


Core Crusher

"Love this"

Jess B.


Down & Dirty


danielle s.


Down & Dirty


Liz L.


Burpees Before Brunch

"It was nice to have modifications!!"

Melissa J.


Down & Dirty

"Great way to work up to running. I hate running but want to be good at it, and i feel like this class made it fun."

Alessandra F.


Core Crusher

"Sweating like crazy after only 10 minutes!"

Ashley B.


Down & Dirty

"Good variation of treadmill workouts!"

andrea c.


#10: Stretch It Out

"Woah!! That last move w the opposite knee on the calf muscle was new for me. I think it will be helpful. I chuckled at the ‘good pain’ comment. Sometimes I have referred to my trainers as “Torture Specialists.” Pain is pain... but sometimes it IS good when it’s over. Thanks for a good workout!!"

Shauna S.


Burpees Before Brunch

"First round I did with my 6 yr old, second round I added a resistance band around my legs and my 4 yr old tried triceps dips and vups! I like that they can do workouts with me"

Holly S.


Pyramid Run Fun

"Awesome bursty class. Perfect amount of hard pushing."

Christine R.


Burpees Before Brunch

"Phew. Broke a good sweat for sure. It's Wednesday afternoon but I feel like I should get a mimosa now :)"

Oksana M.


Burpees Before Brunch

"Woo! Thank you lindsey :)"

Jenn C.


Core Crusher

"Love the surprise burpees!!!"

Stephanie W.


Core Crusher

"Love the quick intensity"

Erica F.


Down & Dirty

"I love coaches that push me!!"

Christine R.


Down & Dirty

"Awesome Lindsey! More tread classes please!!"

Rachel F.


Burpees Before Brunch

"Absolutely kicked my ass & I feel it everywhere!"

Oksana M.


Burpees Before Brunch

"Loved this Lindsey!! unfortunately not going to brunch haha. but definitely gonna do this again with my friends before brunch this weekend :)"

Amanda H.


Bodyweight Beatdown

"I love the exercises in this workout! I feel so much more toned!"

Morgan C.


Core Crusher

"Perfect way to end my 2 mile run"

Amanda H.


Bodyweight Beatdown

"It really liked this class. Great pacing!"

Oksana M.


#5: Let's Get Mobile

"Just what I️ needed after my race today! Thanks Lindsey!!"

About Lindsey

Lindsey Clayton is a celebrity trainer in NYC and co-founder of the Brave Body Project. As a Barry's Bootcamp Instructor and PUMA Athelete, Lindsey has been featured on Bravo TV and has served as a fitness expert for top publications including Shape, Glamour, Seventeen, ... more

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