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What movers are loving about Maggie's classes

Christine G.


Sprint & Sweat

"Awesome for my first class...excited to try more"

Tracy S.


Power Sprints

"Good interval set "

Mikki B.


Sprint & Sweat

"Woke up late and needed a quick workout! This was great, definitely had me sweating!"

Jannine v.


Endurance Uphill Walk

"I wanted something different so I hit the bike for 10 min and finished with this workout. Perfect!"

Amanda H.


Power Hike

"Such a burner...felt so good!"

Lindley G.


Quick and Sweaty

"Super hard. But good!"

Lauryn C.


Hill Walk

"Great class!"

Emily w.


Power Hike

"Amazing. Felt the burn. Great for recovery days"

Kuulei K.


Run It Out

"Loved it so challenging"

annie t.


Power Hike

"More challenging than I thought!"

Katherine N.


Run Forrest Run

"Great mix up of work and rest! Kept it entertaining. Thank you!"

Sarah M.


The Pyramid Walk

"I pushed the speed up to a 5-6 the entire time & it did wonders, super quick & useful! also got my friend who is trying to lose weight and build muscle to do it with me & she was able to do the whole thing first time! thanks!"

Sabrina C.


Hill Walk

"Talk about a calorie burner. Don’t let the word walk fool you."

Jennifer G.


Hill Walk

"Way better than I could do by myself!! "

Michelle P.


Hill Walk

"Very challenging, but I loved the pace. Very motivational instructor!"

Sabrina C.


Hill Walk

"I keep coming back for more. It gets a tad better each time!"

Sabrina C.


Hill Walk

"I may have cursed at you a few times but you are exactly what I need to get back in shape. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Kyle S.


Quick and Sweaty

"Felt challenged!"

vic z.


Run It Out

"Hard but doable, love it!"

Perri S.


Quick and Sweaty

"So energetic & just a nice friendly voice to remind you to keep going"

hollie o.


Build Your Endurance

"Very Challenging and great if you're short on time but want to really sweat!"

Rebekah W.


Power Sprints

"Kicked my ass. Even at easy... It was hard"

hollie o.


Hill Walk

"It's a basic beginner class but perfect for a day when I wasn't feeling great but still wanted to move. Ended up breaking a nice sweat. And if you wanted to bump up speeds it would be very challenging!"

Lindsey K.


Run It Out

"Kept me motivated and accountable as compared to working out by myself"

Mikaela H.


Walk It Up

"i liked how she was encouraging us to go faster"

Molly D.


Run It Out

"Sweating. Dripping. Dying!! πŸ’ͺ🏼"

Rob K.


Run It Out

"Absolutely the best tunes of any instructor on here. Can you teach every class?"

rosanna s.


Run It Out

"The instructor is pure awsameness"

precious L.


Hill Walk

"Omg that all I have to say see u tomorrow Maggie"

Jessie H.


Run It Out

"Perfect for beginner runners! I loved it! Thanks πŸ–€πŸ™ŒπŸ»"

Robyn C.


Tread & Sculpt

"Great format, encouraging trainer."

Eyasha P.


Run It Out

"Amazing intensity! I am dying 😊"

Ashley S.


Hill Walk

"Great walk! Sweating like a pig! Thank you"

Jessica K.


Run It Out

"I've never felt like a strong runner and she pushed me to go through the whole thing. I'm proud of myself!"

Riley B.


Power Sprints

"Great sweat in under 20 mins! Loved the 3 different blocks to beat any boredom on the tread. Thanks Maggie!"

Melisa S.


Crusher Combo Run

"Great guidance and music! Really fun having Maggie at my side on the treadmill to push me more than I ever have. First immersive tread experience. Thanks, Maggie! πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ"

Emily C.


Quick and Sweaty

"Quick and intense!"

Jessica S.


Run It Out

"This run was awesome. This was a great playlist to run to, really kept my feet moving!"

Jessica S.


Quick and Sweaty

"Really pushed me ran my fastest 45 second sprint!"

Josie G.


Hill Walk

"My first time on a treadmill and this was great for me!"

Emily C.


Run It Out

"Good length, challenging and enthusiastic instructor"

Megan S.


Crusher Combo Run

"Awesome interval run without feeling overwhelmed! Feels great :)"

Breanne D.


Run It Out

"The hills were tough! I rarely do hills in my treadmill workouts so this was a great addition. Maggie was really motivating. I found myself really pushing it on the sprints at the end even though I was exhausted."

Noam A.


Run It Out

"Wow I was not expecting this kick my ass as much as it did. I've never been able to get to this level soon tread on my own"

About Maggie

Since 2008, Maggie has been a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and teacher in the Bay Area. Specializing in weight loss, endurance, strength, flexibilty, and nutrition, Maggie has diverse expertise and seeks to help clients become their best self.

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