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Martin Scott

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Martin Scott is an influential yoga and meditation teacher in the Bay Area. He teaches every class with the basic principles of love, compassion, joy, and equanimity to holistically inspire his students.


  • 800hr Life Of A Yogi TT - Dharma Mittra
  • 500hr Life Of A Yogi TT - Dharma Mittra
  • 200hr Life Of A Yogi TT - Dharma Mittra
  • 200hr Deva Yogi TT - Stephanie Snyder & Elise Lorimer

Reviews 100%

Yoga Plank Series

5/31/19 Kelly J.

"Okuuurrr! Yo, Martin wasn’t messing around with this one. I may have taken a couple child’s poses instead of vinyasas but it was still a powerful 20 minutes!"

Yoga Plank Series

4/23/19 Melanie W.

"Whew! Rapid fire. Left me feeling strong and energized."

Calming the Storm

3/22/19 Laura M.

"Hi Martin! I chose this one for my 500th meditation “move” because you introduced me to MoveWith and I still think this one is what meditation is all about. Namaste 🙏🏽"

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