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Meghan Scanlon

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My goal is to challenge you and prove to you that they are capable of so much more than you believe! I want to help you build your strength inside of the gym, as I know it will translate to the rest of your life outside of the gym!
My classes vary depending on type but can be fast, sweaty, and furious or a lift in which we focus on technique first and then building strength.
I am a true believer in becoming the strongest individual you can as it is so empowering, as well as, some good 'ol... View More


  • ACE PT
  • B.S. Exercise Science

Reviews 100%


8/14/18 Drew S.

"Wow! One of my favorite runs. I’m a mid distance runner (800m/ 1600m) so this was a perfect workout! Felt like I was starting training to compete again 🏃‍♂️"

Legs & Core

8/12/18 Christine R.

"💪💪💪 great burn!"


8/6/18 Cheryl V.

"Insane workout !! Couldn’t have done it without you in my ears !!! Thanks Meg"

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