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Light-hearted Melissa sprinkles in just the right dose of wisdom and inspiration to her CorePower-influenced flows.

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What movers are loving about Melissa's classes

Leslie P.


Morning Slow Flow

"Wonderful practice! Easy to follow."

Maya H.


Handstand Practice

"Challenging but awesome!!"

Jenn C.


Choose Happiness Yoga

"It was so good. Thank you for the meditative practice with some fire. Exactly what I needed - rest my awareness on something that is unchanging... breath. Thank you. Loved your class"



Core Strength Power Vinyasa

"loved it! perfect 30 min sweat"

Abbey F.


Choose Happiness Yoga

"Good workout when time is short. I like happiness meditation at the end."

Christine R.


Choose Happiness Yoga

"Wonderful class. Loved the talk about happiness at the beginning and reflection throughout."

Chris L.


Core Strength Power Vinyasa

"Great flow to the poses with the breath. Loved her choice of words - it felt like she was with me each step of the way."

Riley B.


Get Hippie With It

"My hips feel so much better now!"

kate K.


Core Strength Power Vinyasa

"Easy to follow the poses."

Jennine C.


Heart Opener Power Vinyasa

"Loved the music and great teacher"

Lylia G.


Choose Happiness Yoga

"Melissa has such a soothing voice and her moves are very fluid. Magic✨"

Roxanne H.


Core Strength Power Vinyasa

"Great way to start the day!"

Meliza W.


Choose Happiness Yoga

"It was challenging enough yet super relaxing and thoughtful."

Natalie S.


Core Strength Power Vinyasa

"Always love melissa Mae. Perfect breath to movement cues 😍"

jessica m.


Choose Happiness Yoga

"Simple yet powerful."

Pei-Yee S.


Choose Happiness Yoga

"Great flow, offers great descriptions of the poses & movement."

Elyssa S.


Heart Opener Power Vinyasa

"Class was great, a nice combo of heat-building strengthening holds and flowing vinyasa."

Alicia E.


Choose Happiness Yoga

"Love the commentary in the beginning. It set the right tone, just what I needed"

Gina P.


Core Strength Power Vinyasa

"Excellent visualization to intensify movement and correct form."

Alicia E.


Core Strength Power Vinyasa

"Great flow. Easy to follow and I got a sweat in. Thanks!"

Amanda l.


Core Strength Power Vinyasa

"The intensity was great and 30 min is perfect for a quick practice during a busy day"

Megan S.


Heart Opener Power Vinyasa

"I love how you talk through the posture in detail before starting a more Rhythmic, faster flow! Great class! Thank you."

Christine R.


Core Strength Power Vinyasa

"Strong, well paced sequence that gets your heart rate up"

Tricia C.


Core Strength Power Vinyasa

"Wonderful flow to get you in your body and soul. Melissa's cues are spot-on and her sequences amazing. Loved it and the inspiring words peppered throughout. More please!"

About Melissa

Melissa Mae is a meditation and yoga teacher in San Francisco. Her practice and teaching are deeply influenced by her teachers Baba Hari Dass and Ganga White as well as Samatha Meditation as she's learned it from Ty Powers. She is 200-Hour ERYT Yoga Alliance Certified an... more

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