Space to Breathe: Meditations for Any Time of Day

By Julie Aiello


How does that sound to you - space to breathe? When I give myself small phrases or pieces of wisdom I can understand, I can totally change my mindset from resisting or "supposed" to meditate, to something I feel supported by. Space to breathe sounds like standing on the beach with a warm breeze on my face, or laying on my yoga mat with a cozy blanket draped over me!

It's my hope that meditation can be a supportive, warm, nourishing practicing for you. Wherever you are on this day, whatever time of day it is, creating space for yourself to breathe as a way to reset and take good care of ourselves.

Included here are my top 6 favorite mindful meditations for different parts of the day. Meditation can really be used in any moment to support us, and by trying these 6 meditations you'll get a better sense of how to move your energy fluidly throughout the day.