Strong Pregnancy Workout Program

By Sarah Dussault


Welcome to the Sarah’s Fit Strong Pregnancy Workout program.

These workouts are designed for the mom-to-be who loves to sweat and is looking for challenging, yet safe, prenatal strength workouts. The program will help you feel good throughout your pregnancy as well as create and maintain good posture. By staying strong during pregnancy, we aim to make it easier and faster to return to your pre-pregnancy weight and body.

This program is intermediate level. It is not meant for beginners and assumes you were exercising before getting pregnant. Each trimester has 4 workouts. Aim to do 2-4 workouts from the trimester you’re currently in or later each week depending on how you feel. Unlike a regular fitness program, the workouts do get more gentle as your progress in your pregnancy.

Each workout is about 20 minutes. You’ll need a set of dumbbells, ideally both light (5-8 lbs) and medium (8-12 lbs). You’ll also need a bench and maybe even an exercise ball. If you’re doing these routines at home, don’t worry. You can use a step stool, coffee table, or stair as an alternative. You also can place a pillow under your shoulder blades or rest your shoulder blades on the edge of your couch.
How to use this program:

First and Second Trimester: Aim to do all 3-4 strength workouts a week. Here is a sample schedule:
● Monday: Upper + Abs
● Tuesday: Lower Body + Cardio
● Wednesday: Rest, Run, Long Walk or Prenatal Yoga
● Thursday: Total Body
● Friday: Rest, Run, Long Walk, or Prenatal Yoga
● Saturday: Total Body
● Sunday: Rest, Long Walk, or Prenatal Yoga

Third Trimester: Aim to do 2-3 full body strength workouts a week depending on how you’re feeling. Here is a sample schedule:
● Monday: Hot Momma Ball Workout or Strong Core + Body at Home
● Tuesday: Rest or Walk
● Wednesday: Rest or Prenatal Yoga
● Thursday: Step It Up Total Body Workout or Full Body Dumbbell Strength
● Friday: Rest
● Saturday: Walk or Prenatal Yoga
● Sunday: Rest"