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What movers are loving about Peter's classes

Jenn C.


Creating our World - Heaven or Hell

"It’s an awesome reminder. Thanks for sharing quotes and making the morning brighter"

Roy C.


Yoga Warm-Down for Athletes

"🤙🏻 and loving it"

Diana M.


Morning Shine

"Good cues and nice easy flow- great way to get stretching and movement into the morning"

Morgan C.


Time to Shine

"I feel so amazing after that! Just what I needed today. Gentle yet strong!"

Mifumi W.


Hsiao L.


Relax Your Shoulders

"Wonderful stretch class to relax."

Maya H.


Antidote to Stress

"Awakens and energizes the mind and body perfectly."

Hsiao L.


Why Courage Matters

"Nice and enlightening words to listen to"

Maya M.


Finding Balance: Grounding to Fly

"Great quotes and instruction - liked the flow to the music - got my heart rate up !"

Laura B.


Finding Balance: Grounding to Fly

"Lovely! He has a very soothing voice."

Dan A.


Hips and Hamstrings

"Peter you the man!"

Kaytee R.


Rise & Shine

"Great way to wake up! Beats running which was plan A.. maybe this will be my new Plan A"

Rasoul N.


Finding Balance: Growing Up

"Felt great after I was done. Thanks Peter."

Brittany F.


Finding Balance: Grounding to Fly

"Love it!! I could feel my inner strength and power the whole time pushing me to go a little farther"

Hsiao L.


Yoga for Athletes - All Levels

"Wonderful class and I love this instructor"

Eunice l.


Why Courage Matters

"Enjoyed the stories and most of all the reminder that we should stand true to what we believe which I feel most of us normally forget this"

Rasoul N.


Detox Flow


Jenna T.


Burning Up the Sun

"Awesome basic class that actually gets you sweating!"

Shayna G.


Yoga for Athletes - All Levels

"Really liked the hamstring openers. Also enjoyed the cueing! About every time he cued I had to fix it! So great reminders! Thank you!"

MaryKatherine H.


Rise & Shine

"more relaxing than i expected. but the breathing technique was great. felt totally open at the end."

Jessica K.


Hips and Hamstrings

"Lots of hamstring work."

Connie A.


Time to Rise

"Thank you so much! Loved this class Love the quote he recited"

Brittany F.


Twist Out the Tension

"Really good stretches and still feels like a deep intense workout out"

Lindley G.


Time to Shine

"Great classes. I like your calm voice. Thanks"

Wana A.


Twist Out the Tension

"Love taking Pete’s classes at yoga tree and so happy I can take them from home!"

Christine K.


Creating our World - Heaven or Hell

"Amazing. Just what I needed! Thank you, and please create more!"

Holly S.


Hips and Hamstrings

"Missed your classes Pete. This length was nice. Felt like a good dose of you. :)"

Lauren M.


Hips and Hamstrings

"Good flows and a great way to target the hips!"

Hannah H.


Morning Shine

"Amazing flow to start the day"

Dan A.


Antidote to Stress

"Good voice, good flow, good side commentary"

Jenn M.


Antidote to Stress

"Thanks Peter! Love the yin style opening and the reminders to be present"

Dave R.


Low Back Love

"Simple, focused entirely on low back, good way to start day in 20 minutes"

Holly S.


Low Back Love

"Pete, you rock. Made my low back feel so much better. 🙏🏼"

Henry l.


Rise & Shine

"Love hearing Pete’s calming voice to start my mornings."

Anna S.


Good Day Sun Salutations

"Pete reminds me to move mindfully while finding just the right amount of challenge for me to get my heart pumping and energy flowing. Thank you, Pete! xoxo Anna"

Amanda E.


Rise & Shine

"It was good to wake up to! Very calming and stretched my body nicely."

Mike L.


Rise & Shine

"Nice pacing for morning class."

Xiomara C.


Low Back Love

"I loved this class so much!!! He was very discriptive and very soothing to listen to"

Holly S.


Rise & Shine

"Awesome as always. Felt like being in class. Took this to end my day. Perfect. Would be great for morning too."

Katja V.


Rise & Shine

"It was the perfect level of difficulty for first thing in the morning! I feel good, stretched and relaxed, but I didn't break enough of a sweat that i look like a mess and have to shower again. Such a great flow!"

Maggie w.


Rise & Shine

"Love it! Perfect start to the day. Perfect music. Perfect pace. Thank you!"

Ande D.


Rise & Shine

"Wonderful descriptions for someone new to yoga. It was appreciated!"

Sara T.


Antidote to Stress

"Miss being in class with you in person, Pete! This was awesome. Namaste! Grateful."

Riley B.


Low Back Love

"Great unwind after traveling and spending hours on an airplane!"

Holly S.


Low Back Love

"Pete! So great to have your voice by my side. Am missing your class and this just left me feeling so blissful. Thanks!"

Meliza W.


Low Back Love

"It really focused on my lower back and hips. I have the tightest and most painful low back & hip pain daily from sitting too much! This really helps! Thank you!"

Holly S.


Low Back Love

"Pete, miss your classes in person. Such a great substitute. And really needed the low back love."

V. L.


Low Back Love

"Soothing, carefully thought-out class. Great stretching for beginners and a good mini-class for advanced practitioners too. Nice voice!"

Trisha B.


Low Back Love

"Clarity in cueing. Loved it! A great way to wake up :)"

Josie G.


Low Back Love

"Needed some lower back love and this quick class is just what I needed. Thanks!"

Tricia C.


Good Day Sun Salutations

"A great way to start the day. Warms up every part of the body and ramps up thoughtfully from easier salutations to more challenging and invigorating variations."

About Peter

Pete Guinosso is a yoga and meditation leader in the Bay Area who helps students connect with their hearts. Drawing from his years as a scientist, Pete approaches his practice with a sense of curiosity and wonder. He also draws from what initially brought him to the yoga... more

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