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Peter Walters

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Peter Walters is a San Francisco based yoga teacher, practitioner of kindness and devoted student of Life. He is on a mission to help people become students of their lives–to soften edges, find devotion, joy and a deeper zest and presence in all aspects of life.


  • 220 Hours Bhakti Flow Yoga Training- Rusty Wells
  • 50 Hours Teacher Enhancement Intensive - Noah Maze
  • 4 Hour Advanced Assisting Workshop with Mike Richardson & Brad Brockbank
  • Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner
  • International Society of Thai Yoga Massage
  • EMT-B/First AID/CPR
  • 100 Hours Path of Devotion- Janet Stone
  • 500+ Hours with Janet Stone Yoga

Reviews 99%

Steady Morning Flow

10/19/19 Kim F.

"i do this one a lot! it would be great to have another 60min class! i’m kiltys student in real life."

Maintain Wonder

10/14/19 Oliver T.

"I can see listening to this whenever I find myself going deep into my head. Succinct but powerful. Thank you."

Release Stress & Calm Down

10/13/19 Laura M.

"This class is a good reminder of the very basics...the “why I meditate”."

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