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What movers are loving about Rich's classes

Melissa J.


Too Good Cycle 20

"Love him! It was challenging but the way he coaches and pushes you he makes it so much FUN! Made me remember how much i love cycling."

Elisa B.


Crash Cycle 30

"Great Spin ! Thank You for the Challenge. Lola"

ellen g.


Too Good Cycle 20

"Always makes me sweat so quickly!"

ellen g.


Too Good Cycle 20

"Quick sweat! great intervals"

Whitney W.


Too Good Cycle 20

"Great energy and SO fun!!"

Alexandra A.


Push Your Pace

"It was awesome!! I love your longer classes"

ellen g.


Too Good Cycle 20

"Good pace! Got me sweaty"

Micah R.


Grit - Interval Ride

"Good balance of speed and ups and Downs!"

Elita C.


Too Good Cycle 20

"great instructor, energy and music"

Megan S.


ESP: Endurance, Strength, Power

"Great to go to the gym and use when you can't make a spin class."

Katherine M.


Too Good Cycle 20

"Perfect to warm up at the gym before lifting!"

Emily C.


Too Good Cycle 20

"Enthusiastic instructor, good music, easy to follow along. Good quick workout"

Rich D.


Grit - Interval Ride

"This is a quick and intense-but-very-doable workout that ends with a bang in the Hill and Sprint finale songs, followed by a nice long stretch to leave you feeling refreshed and energized."

Theresa W.


Power - Interval Ride

"Great workout! It was very easy to transition into each song staying on the beat and position changes. Thank you!"

About Rich

Rich Downing is a cycling group fitness instructor in Boston. His infectious energy inspires clients to bring their A-game to every workout and motivates them to be their strongest selves.

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