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Rock Your Bliss

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Rock Your Bliss is a yoga-inspired self development company created by Mary Beth LaRue and Jacki Carr. Their unique methodology is offered through online programs, retreats, workshops and a podcast.

Reviews 100%

Day 1: Values

8/31/19 Katie C.

"I’m so excited about this class but wish the audio quality was better. One of the women sounds like she was recording on a cell phone. She sounds very tinny. Content was great though!"

Day 1: Values

8/11/19 Ronnie H.

"This is s new journey for me as I get older... rocking MY BLISS instead of my adult kids and husband. Redirecting my the focus to me feels selfish but challenging and great..!!!"

Self Love Course 4

5/23/19 Janet H.

"This series was challenging to get because self love isn’t easy because of how we doubt, criticize or judge ourselves. Grateful I stuck with it & plan on listening to it again."

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