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Samantha Poccia

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Samantha Poccia is a Boston-based group fitness instructor teaching at both Equinox and SLT. Outside the studio, Samantha is a grad student studying to be a registered dietitian. Samantha aims to help athletes work out smart, push boundaries, and embrace new challenges to empower spirit and mind.


  • Mad Dogg Spin Instructor
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Schwinn Spin

Reviews 96%

Mountain Climb

8/23/19 Aidan O.

"So friggin good! Thank you!"

Quick Leg Crush

8/19/19 Corrine B.

"Amazing that it can burn so much in such a short time. Try it after a run! But, there is a lot of jumping so if you have fragile knees, prepare to substitute some of the moves."

Core Power

8/18/19 Amanda H.

"Love this workout. Quick and effective 💪"

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