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Power Cycle
4 Classes

What movers are loving about Samantha's classes

Breanne D.


Keep Pushing

"Great, quick but hard-hitting workout!"

tiffany s.


Keep Pushing

"Awesome class"

Leah M.


Keep Pushing

"Kicked my butt!! I liked that it was 10 moves so I wasn’t bored at all"

Aaron B.


Power Push

"I used to be super fit. Now I’m super not fit. This class makes me want to be super fit again."

ellen g.


Power Cycle

"Great quick sweat"

Amanda H.


Keep Pushing

"Whew! Such a good burn! Those hamstring curls...killer 💥👏💥"

Felicia P.


Power Cycle

"Killed me.. in a good way! Great workout"

Jobeth r.


Power Cycle

"Great to get me back in shape from the winter"

Tracy S.


Tabata Burn

"Great workout Like the efficiency (diving right into warm up as soon as track starts is a plus)"

Oksana M.


Power Core

"One of my favorite core workouts!! Thanks Sam :)"

Oksana M.


Quick Leg Crush

"Wow this was killer. Thanks Sam!"

Amanda H.


Push Burn Push

"The first leg circuit was brutal...but, I loved it! Great motivation!"

Elise M.


Control, Speed & Power

"Best class yet the long hard hill was awesome."

Kristen Z.


Up, Down, Sprints

"Sam was soooo easy to follow, I️ felt like she was with me the entire way! Her positive energy is contagious and I️ was pumped by her playlist. I’m looking forward to taking her classes again!"

Oksana M.


Power Push

"LOVED this Sam!! My whole body feels great — this format is awesome. Can’t wait for more of your classes :)"

Amanda H.


Tabata Burn

"Great workout! I enjoyed it. Love the pace and it flew by."

Amanda H.


Power Push

"I really enjoyed the format of this class. I liked doing the different exercises. It keeps me guessing and makes the time fly by."

Christine T.


Up, Down, Sprints

"Love the energy and motivation. And the pauses to drop in, get into the zone"

Amanda H.


Power Core

"I really liked that each round featured different exercises."

About Samantha

Samantha Poccia is a Boston-based group fitness instructor teaching at both Equinox and SLT. Outside the studio, Samantha is a grad student studying to be a registered dietitian. Samantha aims to help athletes work out smart, push boundaries, and embrace new challenges t... more

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