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Tara Lyn Emerson

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Tara Emerson is an established personal trainer and group fitness instructor in Los Angeles, recently named one of LA's best cycling instructors. Born with a neuromuscular dystrophy, Tara knows the importance of an active lifestyle, and uses her personal journey to inspire clients with positivity, high energy, and the right amount of push to reach their highest potential.


  • ACE Personal Trainer
  • ACE Weight Management Specialist
  • Spinning Instructor

Reviews 95%

Hip Love

8/15/19 C M G.

"This has helped my hips so much.. Due to some broken bones my knee and hip on the right side are off Ali Alignment. This releases a lot of the pain I have. Thank you"

Abs Straight Flush

8/7/19 Ahmad K.


Strictly Core

8/5/19 Corrine B.

"I like Tara’s coaching style. Encouraging but not gooshy. Clearly describes the moves. Thanks!"

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