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Cara Scinto

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Positive and kind. Cara is all about balance–get your dose of high intensity cardio, strength training, stretching and decompression, all in one.
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What movers are loving about Cara's classes

catlin h.


Booty Werk

"Awesome class! Favorite instructor so far!"

tiffany s.


Body Balance

"liked it a lot"

Hakop U.


Plank Variations + More

"Great workout enjoyed the stretches and great sound YOu are a delightful sounding woman 😄😁"

j s.


Crunch, Plank, Twist

"Loved this!"

Amanda H.


Warm Your Core

"Great warm up. I am ready to go. 👏"

Katja V.


Lunge, Squat, Crunch

"My abs! They burn!"

Melanie T.


Bodyweight Blaster

"Tough but killer class! My whole body feels amazing!"

Amanda H.


Glute & Ab Cardio Splash

"I loved this class! The ab series was killer!"

M T.


All Around Core

"Great Workout!"

Angelika W.


HIIT & Chill Class

"Awesome class!!!"

Amanda H.


Booty Blaster

"I love booty workouts! I will def do this one again!"

Kirsten B.


Booty Blaster

"The music and the moves!"

Bethany R.


Bodyweight Blaster

"One of my favorites so far"

Lindsey R.


HIIT & Chill Class

"Great class for a beginner! Really pushes you without being high pressure."

Xiomara C.


Booty Blaster

"I definitely felt the burn. I was pushed to my limits but in a calm way where I was able to keep going even though my body was screaming haha"

Alison B.


HIIT It Hard

"Short and sweet but I'm definitely sweating and felt it in my muscles! Love how caras workouts include a warm up and relaxing and needed cool down as well."

About Cara

Cara Scinto is a personal trainer and wellness expert based in the Boston area. A skilled, gentle, and strong certified personal trainer, Cara brings elements of mindfulness and fitness together to achieve balance in wellness.

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"A great instructor means a great workout, and MoveWith has some of the best on the planet. With multiple instructors in over 10 fitness categories, you’ll get amazing motivation and inspiration throughout the whole, sweaty class."
- mindbodygreen

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