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Kilty Inafuku
Engineer turned Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Peter Walters
Lover of Life & Yoga Teacher: Begin Again!
Katie Barrett
Marathoner, Run Coach, & Personal Trainer
Garrett Wood
Barry's Bootcamp Trainer, Strength & Fat Loss Coach
Naomi Rotstein
Personal Trainer & Health Coach
Julie Aiello
Lover of yoga, nature, and wisdom traditions.
Jeremy Falk
E-RYT 500HR Yoga and Meditation Teacher
Chad Flahive
Serious sweat session with a bit of smiling!
Amy Dannheim
Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
Samantha Poccia
Equinox Cycling Coach & SLT Instructor
Ingrid Clay
Barry’s Bootcamp Trainer, Puma Athlete, Competitive Bodybuilder
Tara Lyn Emerson
CMT Athlete, Strength Training & Spinning Instructor
Nat Kendall
Impassioned Yogi & Inspired Teacher
Brave Body Project
Amber Rees & Lindsey Clayton, BBP Co-Founders & PUMA athletes
Stephanie Main
Personal Trainer, CrossFit & Mobility Coach
Maggie Shih
Equinox Coach & Nutritionist
Mary Beth LaRue
Yoga + Meditation Teacher
Danni Pomplun
Yogi Misfit, Yoga Teacher, & Life Enthusiast
Sarah Dussault
Fit Mom & Recovering Cardio Addict
Dane Robinson
HIIT Coach/lululemon Ambassador
Jane Austin
Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teacher, Women's Health Expert
Alex Ho
Ultra Runner & Personal Trainer
Peter Guinosso
Yoga Teacher & Dharma Talks
David Magone
Founder of PranaVayu Yoga & Dharma Teacher
Jenn Menzer
Personal Trainer & Movement Specialist
Brianne Boucher
Strength Coach and HIIT Enthusiast
Enrique Julia
Marathoner, Run & Cycling Coach
Cassie Brown
Personal Trainer & PUMA Athlete
Jeff McMullen
Strength, TRX, Tabata & Treadmill Master Trainer
Amy Leydon
Creator of RECOVER. heart. mind. body. soul.
Alexa Silvaggio
Writer, Speaker, Yogi & Meditation Teacher
Duncan Kennedy
Former Elite Rowing Athlete, & Coach
Maricris Lapaix
Type 2 Be Fit Strength Coach.
Deborah Burkman
Vinyasa & Ashtanga Yoga Teacher
Alexandra Joy Smith
Quantum Intuitive Guide
Martin Scott
Yoga Teacher & Lover of All Things Yoga
Meghan Scanlon
Strength & Fitness Coach
Cara Scinto
Personal Trainer & Wellness Expert
Janet Stone
Global Yoga Warrior & lululemon Ambassador
Blake Leeper
Paralympic World Record Holder & Nike Athlete
Amanda Huggins
My job is to help you learn how to love you.
Rock Your Bliss
Design a Life That Rocks Your Bliss
Stephanie Snyder
Yoga Teacher Trainer & Spiritual Coach
Jacki Carr
Goal Coach. Speaker. Human.
JohnBlaze Kolinsky-Young
Yoga Teacher & Motivational Coach

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"This is the first fitness app that gets me to keep coming back. I can count on MoveWith to give me a killer workout every time in less than 30 minutes. The coaches push me and make me work so much harder. Dripping sweat and all. I love that I can run one day, strength train the next and meditate on my morning commute"


Best workout app, worth subscribing
"There are so many free apps out there. With free you get subpar quality. MoveWith is an app I rec to everyone because there is something for everyone.

I love to do yoga one morning and HIIT the next day or end my day with a meditation. Always adding new classes and listening to user feedback. Love you guys!"

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